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BREAKING Bachelorette Nick V News

Jul 10, 2014|

You'll never believe what the learned about Nick V and find out why cameras and crew were in town this week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right here's -- got from when my friends who works down in the third -- she saw a TV cameras following nick. Along the Milwaukee River yesterday. Of course -- is in the final four for the that's final three for the bachelorette. They -- Town visits last week on the show I -- evidence to Graham he was clearly in town so what were they don't mean. Because half the filming of the show is already supposed to be all right we know that she's already picked. Her guy right. Here and all I remember all of the rumors on the Internet art that she picked. John ash. Right guys that we I don't like the baseball player gunned down in Georgia right by her and I've been devastated ever since I found that out and like I really wanted to picnic deep. These bloggers have been wrong before our and you even said that this could turn out to be one of those seasons where like from Mali. And Jason season orgies and changes his mind since you think she changed her mind and now this and that kind Beckett going in there like she's he's going to be the winner this is what I think is going on -- Two options I don't think she's changed -- -- anything she's picked Josh and maybe. Nick. I thought they were saying that farmer a boring farmer was going to be next bachelor may be. -- -- Maybe they're just filming stuff for after the final rose like house next life band since -- nicely -- -- and it's him walking down the river. You see the B roll and you hear the narration saying you know every day I think about her NS RIA maybe it's just a symbol is now. Well good I'm glad they brought their cameras back because of the episode that on Monday the city of Milwaukee looked like a horrible way to list how. What was the weather like yesterday it was sunny it was cute it was just OK so we look a lot better and we look a lot Iraqis clean up the video for Monday it was all -- no leaves on the trees dead grounds drowned river eyebrow and Bremer all right well that's the latest again -- came in from one of my friends that works down there saw him saw cameras following him tossup so we'll have to watch an upcoming episodes to find out that's all about -- right judges in next have a great day we'll see tomorrow here the next.

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