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Kidd Shares His "Coming Out" Story

Nov 6, 2013|

After receiving an email from a younger listener looking for advice on coming out to his parents, Kidd took us all back to November of 1998 when he told his parents he was gay.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Elizabeth but 99 point one that may. At 8 o'clock because soaring grab your share of 100000. Dollars cash -- 100000 dollar cash code. She didn't Elizabeth I -- as FaceBook message from one of our younger listeners and I'm actually very nervous about this had never been asked this that. What I guess to answer this question right now he writes. And seventeen years old a messy messy -- UC if you could give me some advice and listen to your show every weekday morning emily's school helped you to here's something from you. I'm gain -- struggling with getting up the confidence to tell my parents. I was wondering if you could share your story or give some advice on what to do I've never heard you tell your story thanks kid her thinks can also day. So yeah all right yeah I serious personal question I -- so I guess it never told my coming out story which isn't it really that interesting about. Shall we share -- quickly. Yeah followed by some advice. It's a low seventeen year old I mean that's pretty brave of him to reach out asking that we have to go back to the fall of 1998 Elizabeth politic has backed him what was happening -- -- 1988 I -- his life I was eighteen years old now is drive in my Ford Bronco -- I had spiked hair with bleached tips off. -- favorites. Driving home to my this announcement comedy has announced tell Milan junior year I tell our -- knew this was gonna be today. You got a son was on the radio at the time but in sync was that downside big back tonight and if I was doing. In sinker for I was doing eight I could enlist in listing in sync actual or. I probably was listening to instinct can now take this in the myself in your drive there are you nervous I'm driving you know I told my sister the day before. So I am doing this it's fine. I knew what I -- I knew I was gay wasn't that you know and it was time for them to know -- very close with my parents I get home. That's Obama says mom and gain she said no you're not Minnesota can leading -- I had my head like OK if they say knowing where where is gonna go an idea of us. And she said that she set against it talk he gave me to count has had a lot to you all so we need to tell your time. Very dramatic action and some of them we dumbed down I didn't he's very religious man and he said god works so just like the other day may be your day Amanda and that's what he has that he said and then we ordered Chinese student and an awkward dinner and that was it but here's what I'll tell you for the most part I had a very good coming out experience. However you have to remember that. You coming out is going to be an adjustment for everyone not just -- and so people had different expectations have you. And when those expectations change this is an adjustment process for them. In your parents most likely to have been had never been through this before so they meet may need some time to digest what you just told them and you need to give them that time. And I came out to my Stanley fifteen years ago and I have the most supportive and loving family and each child you don't want to have a great family and they love yeah is no matter -- right but there were definitely growing pains during that process. Now all my family wants from me is to find a nice guy settled down bring him home for the holidays the only problem is that I have commitment issues that's probably never gonna happen but I tell you every time I talked to my grandmother. -- -- -- -- and I not knowing exactly that's all they want I. I I think it's very profound -- use say that that the expectations have changed because in our society and in this started to change assure -- our age are having children. They're thought was probably the you're going to get married to a woman -- have to kids yeah they'd have grandkids and so all of that van. Changed in their -- -- granite. Nowadays Tony thirteen yo kids could happen and all that can be possible. But back then in 1990 days and expect that exactly that's what their expectations Virginia if you look at my mother. When I first told her to where she is now you know it's like. It's a totally different person and not just a time in his education it's understanding here's my advice for you. Be honest with you parents give them time to adjust. And never forget that you are normal in your gonna be okay. And -- only gonna be the best you can be when you're truly being who you are voting oh that's does this process is all about innocence on time. And I grew through the process to 'cause once you come out you got to find your way as well you don't know what this is all ballots and you're also becoming. A new person so did you feel better after you told them it was funny I felt the yeah I was like -- And I remember going out with my friends that 99 it's all on the yeah. There was great and I came home that night my mother came downstairs she's like. You know you're gonna she was still very upset about it and she's like I just don't know you know you sure and all this stuff and I'm like -- And that was the process that you had to go through -- -- you now. Letting her know European that's the other thing the appearance only want you to be happy. And safe. And you know they don't want anything in the world to ever for sure harm you and I think when you say I'm gonna be -- they were you might. Yeah -- you mean she earned her 'cause that you chose that term -- and so that's really their probably their only concern it's not so much that you said that your game that they are upset with it's that they worry approach because they never did not love you never. Whenever I have time to process that -- so powerful love this to know that your parents and your family life here than you can do these are things and then when I came out on the radio you know it's like. My whole family was there to support me for that -- you know sheriff had to have that support system -- There you -- I hope that that helps you a little bit and gives you some advice a little a seventeen year old could nasty and I don't hear that no one else has asked and a funny now I've we've never really talked about it on the show listening now aren't. Well now we know we know that eighty it was your favorites I NN I today each tips can you believe -- had all the banks that changed. Kindle is -- 717 on the mix.

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